The Cream Man


Who the fuck sleeps in the Empire State Building?!

Haha this is great


yo im selling this alpine sofa. starting price is 2400 bells inbox me if youre interested


yo im selling this alpine sofa. starting price is 2400 bells inbox me if youre interested

Dinglehorse (feat. Dingleman 3000) - T.R.helL. (The Penalultimate)
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Day 207: T.R.helL. (The Penalultimate)

Day 7! Officially a guest’s week now that I’ve done, but I’m going to give you guys one more because we can’t end it like this. This one is possibly the beginning of a new series?!? T.R.helL., because it’s like Total Request Live but so much worse!

I asked people to submit suggestions for time signatures, keys, instruments, and whatnot, and I was overwhelmed by all three responses (only one of them was Justice)! But I managed to get it all in there. The criteria were as follows:
Joe asked for 6/8 in Dmin at 140bpm, and said I would get bonus points for animal sounds.
Justice said 9/8 in Bbmin, and to use glassy sounds, and said about 130 for tempo.
Travis wanted me to use samples from

What I ended up doing was just kinda blurring Justice’s and Joe’s stuff together so really it’s just in D and the Bbmin is non-diatonic but hey). It’s alternating 6 and 9 at 135bpm, and the chords follow their key suggestions. I used breaking glass in the drums and some glock and celeste in there, too. Travis got his wish, as the drums are 60% poo, and then there’s also some sped-up bear mating and parrot sounds!

So that’s that! I chose the name because this is what you should hear always in prison. See you all tomorrow for the last one, this has been really fun and I hope you’ve not hated them as much I’m tired!

Justice Eats Trees - Head (Wilco, Etc.)
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Day 200: Head (Wilco, Etc.)
Hello everyone! Welcome to Groove number 200, and probably one of my personal favorites; this one is a dance-pop nonsense mess with lots of vocals about all the crap that goes on in my head (well, a lot of it at least). I’ve been wanting to do a song with multiple vocal lines at the end ever since I heard "Feeling This" (which is one of the best songs ever written). 
I hope this works out ok- I’m linking this from Soundcloud because Tumblr has a 10 Mb limit. If this doesn’t work out I’ll just reupload it and link the high quality Soundcloud version here:

Hey internet, check out this new groove by my friend Justice.  He runs a blog called groove of the day and makes a song every day before/after he gets home from work and posts it there, I don’t know how he does it when I get home from work I just want to sleep!  This is his 200th groove so it’s a bit of a milestone and I think everyone should check it out (and his other grooves)!  Also all of the track art he makes is awesome!


rule #1 of video games: play as the cute girl

parents: please stop listening to the Delfino Plaza theme




thecreamman green hair is literally amazing wtf I bet you looked like a cool moss fairy boy or something

haha that is a really good description of what I was going for, this is a picture of how it looked, I don’t have many good pictures from that era but at least I have my one eyed dog stuffed animal still.  I hugged it too hard during college and the eye popped out :x